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Export & Operational Management.

You need a flexible-, pragmatic or a no-nonsense export – or either an operational manager within the Agribusiness? Then you hire RMaris for a longer or shorter period.

RMaris is an interim manager with a broad knowledge of the agricultural sector and its surrounding areas.  You can either hire RMaris in-company or hire him to do the job out in the field. He is quickly employable, has a hands-on working mentality and he does the job for you throughout the world.

RMaris  provided you with the next services:

1.     Export Management

RMaris find new markets and expands your export. He makes your company ready to export your product, explore new regions to export your product, improve your export volum, innovate your export department by either advising in matters or as a manager for a period of time.

2.     Operational Management

RMaris is a manager for a temporarily basis for setting up a department, stream-line a department, projects and temporarily expansion of management capacity. He is a down to earth person and so is his style of management, in this matter he can react quick and efficient in any situation.

You can deploy RMaris very well for:

  • temporarily extra capacity;
  • fill up a gape with in your workforce, when hiring new personnel takes longer than expected;
  • build up your export possibilities;
  • procedural coordination;
  • processen innovation;
  • specific experinses:
    • import
    • export
    • operational management